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    “Cool is lonely. Stay awkward, brave, and kind.” ~ Brené Brown

    Awkward? Who wants to be awkward? I totally get it. That seems like an absurd thing to want more of in your life. Why in the world would we want to embrace awkwardness?

    Because the truth of it is—we are all a little awkward. The more that we can lean into this and accept the uncomfortable feelings that come up, the more willing we are to take the risks that can make our lives so much more fulfilling. Let’s face it- many of the most wonderful things in life will cause us to feel awkward ~ dating ~ parenting ~ friendships ~ new jobs ~ marriage ~ sex. Yet all these things are the birthplace of connection and joy. So many of the best things in life come in uncomfortable spaces. Learning how to show up in these spaces, as the messy imperfect person that you are, can bring deep connection and a sense of true belonging.

    My work is to help you lean into the discomfort of awkward so that you can live with more courage and more bravery.

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