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    My practice is fully online which means that no matter where you live in California–we are able to work together.

    Maybe you have previously delayed going to therapy because it was too hard to fit into your schedule. It is hard enough to find the time in your day, let alone add in the travel and parking, and all the other hassles of that.

    Maybe you live in a more remote area and it is hard to find someone that is a good match for you.

    Maybe after all of this year of learning that we can hold meetings, family get together, and even weddings on Zoom that this virtual thing isn’t all bad.

    If any of this is true, I can help you through virtual online therapy, or telehealth.

    Online therapy has made getting the help you want so much easier and more accessible. We can meet when you are available in the comfort of your home or office (just be sure you have a private space).

    Telehealth allows me to provide counseling and therapy to my clients via live video conferencing. This can be done anywhere you have a computer or smartphone.

    This telehealth solution allows you to schedule an appointment directly online and have the entire therapy session take place digitally. While you don’t need a video camera, we do recommend you use one.

    If you are ready to get started with online therapy in California, reach out to schedule a free consultation. Let’s get you feeling your best.